What our clients say about us:

"Amaroo Relocation took care of our house and childcare searches in Sydney and Carine immediately understood our needs – we trusted her from the start and we are so glad of the results ! We were not aware of how challenging Sydney’s rental market is and we would have struggled without the personalised assistance of Amaroo. Thanks Carine for a smooth and enjoyable installation".

Samantha coming with her 3 year old daughter

"Carine and her company is the best relocation service you can possibly hire when coming to live in a city like Sydney which has so many aspects to take into consideration primarily driven by logistics due to its geography, traffic situation, cultural influences, schools both public and private, not to mention health services medicare and private, beaches or hills, access to sports, restaurants, cafes... Carine Will help guide you through this complex Sydney labyrinth - this is coming from a guy that moved countries 14 times but without Carine coming back to Sydney would have been just about impossible to pull off... thank you for everything you have done for us since the moment you picked us up at the airport with a koala teddy bear for our 5 year old son till the moment we found our super house in the Hills district near work and school... Anyone coming to Sydney - contact Carine without any hesitation - it will make all the difference since day 1".

Frederic, Cinthya and Lucas coming from Brazil